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The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age ... again

Keeping all the elements in check, aka Applying Governance , is going to be more and more critical and will involve more and more SharePoint...Governance is one of the three most overused words in the SharePoint ecosystem

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How to Create a File Plan in SharePoint 2013

Do you need to manage records in SharePoint?...Before you begin So how do you create a file plan in SharePoint 2013? There are a couple of important steps that need to happen before even opening SharePoint

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There's more to a SharePoint environment than just technology!

This week AIIM announced the availability of a Certificate program focused on best practices for adopting and implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 that goes beyond technology to the necessary strategies and structures required to in effectively sharing and managing corporate information using the SharePoint 2010 platform. The need to look beyond the technology and take a holistic approach is echoed in a recent AIIM study, ’ SharePoint: strategies and experiences ’, which reveal that governance is sorely lacking in the majority of installations

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Practioner – Heal Thyself

We are working on an information management project in SharePoint, and we decided that it was time to talk about governance

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