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How to Create a File Plan in SharePoint 2013

Do you need to manage records in SharePoint?...Creating the File Plan in SharePoint 2013 There are two main approaches for building a file plan in SharePoint 2013: using folders and using libraries

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The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age ... again

Keeping all the elements in check, aka Applying Governance , is going to be more and more critical and will involve more and more SharePoint...Governance is one of the three most overused words in the SharePoint ecosystem

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ANSI/AIIM 25 Trusted Solutions Standard has been published

ANSI/AIIM 25 states that any assessment must take a comprehensive look at the environment by reviewing the policies and procedures – from retention schedules to discovery response plans to digital signature policies – and evaluating how all members of the organization are following them. In addition, there must be a review of the security models and data storage

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