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Join us September 8th to discuss social strategies, use cases and governance frameworks

Social Business Conference, September 8, 2011 View more presentations from Atle Skjekkeland . #governance #enterprise2.0 #SocialBusiness #AIIM

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Putting a Claim on OCR in the Insurance Industry

I’d like to invite my colleague, Scott Thompson, senior product marketing manager, to the AIIM Community Blog to discuss OCR and capture use in the insurance industry. When one thinks about insurance, efficiency is probably not the first word that comes to mind. The word that comes...

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Technology Configuration Trap

So what can we do to bring the use cases back into focus? First know what a use case is...Use cases are activities, not features. Part of what I try to get companies to do is to focus on the use cases

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Getting to Know Your Users

For those of you out there with an application development background, we’re really talking about identifying business level use cases, i.e

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O365 or Something Else - Anyone have lessons learned or suggestions?

Additional use cases include archiving, workflow, comments, tagging/metadata, remote access, subscriptions, versioning (most of these are included in O365)

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LTFS 3: Linear Tape File System and the Future of Tape Data Storage

Leveraging offsite tape vaulting can increase the longevity of the data backed up to tape, and data backup remains one of the largest use cases of LTFS technology. Big Data, Big Tapes One use case that has not been frequently discussed is the alignment of big data with the Linear Tape File System

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CMIS – Redefining the Content Interoperability Space

ECM and CMIS There are primarily three use cases of ECM related to CMIS: Repository to Repository Interactions – The first use case of CMIS is Repository to Repository interaction where interaction between content repositories needs to be created for publishing content or providing records management services. Federated Repository – The second use case is related to Federated Repository wherein a single application can interact with multiple repositories while presenting a single interface to the user

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OCR Trio Sampler

This mobile application, gadget and use case trio sampler shows interesting and innovative scenarios to which we can apply OCR and capture technologies

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