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Is Social Enterprise Dead?

Social enterprise is dead...Employees’ eyes glaze over — they think social enterprise tools will be one more thing they have to do and don’t see how it will benefit them

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Where Do You Stand on the Social Enterprise?

While some saw the debate as laying to rest to question of the validity of the social enterprise, there is still a variety of opinions out there on the topic...In my opinion, it's hard to refute that the social enterprise is real

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Risk, Rewards, and Regulation in the Social Enterprise

The use of social media tools and techniques in a business context (aka, social business, enterprise social collaboration, social media and collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, the social enterprise, etc.) crossed a threshold somewhere about the middle of 2011

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Synthetic Learning will Create your SharePoint Experience

There is some overlap to the content coming from the Social Data stream … especially when that Social Data comes through The Social Enterprise . If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft is positioning SharePoint and the rest of the tools that “affect and enhance” social behavior to be “ The Social Enterprise

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Looking Ahead to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

" In a recent blog post , the company's director of social computing and collaboration extolls the virtues of the social enterprise within Accenture: "With Collaboration 2.0 , tasks now take minutes, not days

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2014: The Year Collaboration Goes Social through People

Dissecting the "Social Enterprise" I found that there are at least 7 groupings of collaboration features that are at our finger tips today

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