Looking Ahead to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

By Joel Selzer posted 01-13-2011 18:44


The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is still more than five months away, but conference organizers are already hard at work crafting a terrific agenda.  With more than 320 papers submitted for presentation, the conference’s main theme of “Open Collaboration” is being put into practice as the E20 Community across the world discusses the virtues of each proposal and casts their vote.

Given the rise of enterprise collaboration and its emerging role in healthcare, there are a number of proposals I encourage you to review.  Our submission, enttitled, "Driving EHR Adoption & Clinical Transformation through Enterprise Collaboration" takes a closer look at the role collaboration tools are already playing at large, multi-facility health systems across the country.  Since the proposal description is limited on the conference site, I wanted to share our reasons for submitting it.

While we see the power enterprise collaboration has to improve clinical outcomes and improve productivity every day with our clients at Ozmosis, the McKinsey Quarterly heralded the Rise of the Networked Enterprise in their last edition.  Fully networked enterprises, McKinsey finds, are more likely to be market leaders and enjoy higher margins than their peers who have not embraced Web 2.0 technologies.  The result of a four-year study of corporate adoption of social technology, their findings provide huge validation of the potential enterprise collaboration software has to transform the way people do business.  Greater collaboration leads to improved outcomes at greater efficiency.

IT consulting leader Accenture has taken this message to heart and recently announced that, "Collaboration 2.0 is [our] Industrial Revolution."  In a recent blog post, the company's director of social computing and collaboration extolls the virtues of the social enterprise within Accenture:

"With Collaboration 2.0, tasks now take minutes, not days. Projects are no longer stuck in e-mail or red tape. Employees easily convene with experts who illuminate answers. They manage projects by sharing desktops and creating groups. And they connect and share key information with clients via these same tools."  In a company with 190,000 employees spread across 120 countries, deploying a suite of social tools "revolutionized our entire corporate workflow."  Tools like profiles, blogs and microblogs, wikis, groups, activity feeds and social bookmarks have gained widespread adoption among Accenture's employees, and their use has even spread to client companies, creating a wider collaboration ecosystem.

Accenture's rise as a social enterprise is a terrific success story for enterprise collaboration, and our vision at Ozmosis is to drive a similar transformation in health care.  In our industry, technology adoption and the related workflow changes typically lag behind due to a unique set of clinical and regulatory challenges. Nonetheless, hospital systems have begun to leverage enterprise collaboration tools to enhance coordination and communication among their staff and affiliated clinicians.

Our proposed session will provide an overview and live demonstration of how health systems are using enterprise collaboration tools to achieve clinical and operational transformation as they adopt Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Computerized Order Entry Systems (CPOE).  We think this is such an important story to tell - early successes build momentum and will spur improved collaboration in all health care sectors, from hospital systems and life sciences to government-led iniatives and payors.

We hope you will review all the proposals, including ours.  Please post your feedback and don't be afraid to endorse the papers you want to see most.  This is an exciting time for all of us in the E20 space, and we look forward to sharing insights and lessons learned from our unique vantage point at the intersection of enterprise collaboration and healthcare.  See you in Boston, June 20-23.

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