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Realise the potential - using social analytics to mine for hidden gems inside your own organisation

When you say the phrase "social analytics", for many people it can conjure up images of endless pages of Twitter messages sorted into columns accompanied by happy, sad or neutral smiley faces, or maybe stories of how badly particular brands have performed in a social media-based confrontation with a customer

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Silver Bullet - Real Social Networking Enterprise Value

This is made possible through a powerful synergy between social analytics and business intelligence - identifying experts based on their activity history related to content contribution activities

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The Social Organization: Part I

It's also a marketer's dream with incredible amounts social analytics about people's age, family, connections, location, travel habits, shopping habits, etc

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Social Media Integration: What’s the limit for Banks?

The user inquiries, preferences and feedbacks can be analyzed through a social analytics tool to check popularity of existing products, identify ‘unbanked segments’ and create personalized campaigns

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