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Does Preservation = Suspending Disposition?

Alternatively, when a legal hold is issued, a firm has an obligation to preserve any relevant materials related to the discovery request. Wait a minute: If a firm is preserving electronic materials in the normal course of business, why would it have to preserve the electronically stored information (ESI) again as a result of a legal hold?

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Which Part of E-Discovery Should You Fix First?

Most firms are aware that they could do a better job at Identification, Preservation, and Collection, but they may not clearly understand how they can improve their situation by addressing the legal hold process

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What are You Using Your RRS for โ€“ Part 2?

By assigning it to the folder level you can automate its deletion and also apply legal holds. The reason applying retention and/or legal holds to electronic datasets seems so hard is that it is !

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Make RM Simpler

Start with the retention and legal hold processes: For records, streamline your retention schedule to 50-100 record series/buckets...Set a clear policy with procedures that define the who, what, when and how the legal hold process is to take place

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Does "record" or "non-record" really matter?

Then they are subject to a Legal Hold. Record or non-record?...Is it under legal hold? Is it past its retention?

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Social Business Virtual Event: Debra Logan and Key Issues for Enterprise Information Management 2011

Here's the latest post in our series of interviews with the speakers for our inaugural Social Business Virtual Conference which is being held completely online this September 8, 2011. I asked Debra Logan , VP at Gartner, to share some thoughts about her presentation with us...

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