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Goodbye to the knowledge worker?

It's now almost five decades since Peter Drucker discussed the concept of the knowledge worker in his 1966 book The Effective Executive, as he emphasised the growing importance of the “team”, and encouraged recognition of the value of employees

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AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference – A Teaser

Provided below is a teaser of some of the hot topics that will be covered in my session “ Knowledge Workers – The Emergence of a New Breed of Savvy Employees .” In the first part of the session, I will examine three factors that are driving the importance of knowledge workers in our evolving digital workplaces. The three factors that will be examined are the: (1) Shifting workforce demographic that is altering the composition of gen-Y, gen-X, and baby boomers employees in the workplace (2) Increase in the percentage of knowledge workers needed by companies and industry, and (3) Evolving work patterns that are dramatically impacting how we work. The second part of the session will dive into the core characteristics and capabilities that knowledge workers need today and into the future

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10 Funny (and Sad) Office Videos

Many corporations have small cubicles, bad infrastructure, and demanding supervisors, which often leads to unmotivated and stressed employees. Below are some funny (and sad) videos that document very well the implications of an old Enterprise 1.0 environment. Check out the new Enterprise 2.0 ...

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are asking for access to content repositories from mobile devices, such as phones and iPads. The usage scenarios are primarily for reference purposes, such as checking the price on a proposal document or looking at the age listed on an application, etc. How big a...

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5 Simple Tools for Virtual Workers

Many organizations are stuck in the "we have always done it like this" way of working: the staff spends 2-3 hours every day commuting to and from work to sit in front of a computer or on the phone. I think future generations will smile (or cry) when they think of how many organizations...

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To Pilot or not to Pilot E2.0 solutions.

I think we have to distinguish between different types of E2.0 solutions as they evolve to become an integral part of the “business process toolset” knowledge workers use to get their work done

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Improving Document Processes and User Experience with Linearized PDFs

If a knowledge worker has to wait while a thousand-page report opens up – or worse, if a shareholder has to wait for a board book to download – what is to say they will lose interest and abandon the document?

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MFPs and Process Automation…the Perfect Marriage

Many of today’s organizations have network attached MFPs deployed in the field, so why not allow a knowledge worker to initiate a business processes by capturing the document that drives the process? In other terms, why not leverage your fleet of enterprise MFPs to be the front office interface for your field based knowledge workers and your back office BPA infrastructure

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Siri meets Component Authoring – A Productivity Marriage Made in Heaven

A recent client of ours found through some joint analysis that their knowledge workers were spending up to 20% of a work-week researching answers...The knowledge workers are left to pull it together

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