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Information Management

Two considerations are that we will need information management professionals to configure and oversee these software processes

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New Information Management Certification

AIIM is now taking the bold step of introducing a new information management certification for IT and information professionals...It is AIIM’s goal to meet the growing need for a well-defined body of knowledge for the discipline of information management

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Information Management - Digital Signing

I wondered what you guys think of digital signing of documentation. Is it helpful for a low cost centre in , say Asia, to produce and sign off designs which are approved/signed in London using digital signatures. Interested in your comments. #digitalsigning #multiplesignatures ...

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Project Information Management on SharePoint

If you want to take it one step further, you can begin to leverage your SharePoint site as a "project information management" dashboard as well

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Enhancing Information Management in Health Care

Improvement in our information management practices and supporting processes – a topic on the Keynote Panel in which I will participate next week in Chicago at the World Congress Leadership Summit on Process Improvement and Business Excellence in Health Care - that enable us to maximize our efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the enterprise

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Selecting the Best Security Information Management Tool

As environments in which SIM systems will be implemented may vary, all IT supervisors searching for security information management products should ask themselves the following: So how exactly does the tool scale?

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