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Der Wert einer E-Mail?!

Welchen Wert, besser welchen rechtlichen Wert hat eine normale E-Mail in Deutschland?...Wie ist es denn um normale E-Mails in Nachbarstaaten bestellt?...Aber kann eine normale E-Mail Urkunden-Charakter haben?

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Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint

Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint By Jacob Ukelson, chief technology officer of ActionBase Recently, we’ve focused on the concept of how organizations value the option to have follow-up, tracking and process management capabilities available with e-mail. Organizations seek software that can take e-mail correspondence and make it traceable

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Why NARA has no option but to preserve significant e-mail accounts

Some such organisations tried to prevent staff ‘hoarding’ important e-mails in their accounts by either placing size limits on e-mail accounts, or automatically deleting e-mail from e-mail accounts after a defined time period (for example a year after receipt). Such organisations would tell their staff that e-mail was a communications tool, not a recordkeeping tool, and that e-mail accounts were only a temporary storage space

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4 Email Traps that Hinder Productivity

At the same time the study states that 25% or respondents send e-mails to teams and 60% e-mail to individuals

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Who the $%^&^% cares about the ROI of Enterprise 2.0?

This is from the Chart of the Day on Twitte r -- This chart -- showing the global minutes spent per month on social media vs. e-mail and showing the inflection point in November 2007 with an ever-widening gap since then -- tells me all I need to know about the importance of calculating the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives

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