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Document Processing Opportunities that can Improve Customer Experience

One small way to do this is to utilize document processing software to its highest potential. In terms of new account applications processing, the latest improvements in advanced capture and document processing technologies are making it easier and more seamless for businesses to collect and store information on new accounts – from bank account applications to insurance and health care forms to government services

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Improving Document Processes and User Experience with Linearized PDFs

Unarguably, content is the lifeblood of any organization. Whether you’re in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, Legal, or any other industry, the content your organization creates and uses is what makes the wheels turn. This content can range from 140...

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Document Process Outsourcing vs Business Process Outsourcing in 2013 & Beyond

Through cloud-delivery, and what we like to term Document Process Outsourcing, organizations of all sizes (not just enterprise level), are able to capture the benefit of advanced technology made available in the cloud. In particular, many document processes can be improved through a DPO approach and often include the following: - Accounts Payable Processing -Sales Order Processing -Insurance Claims Processing -Healthcare Chart Conversion Processing -EOB Processing -Mortgage Application Processing One of the fundamental differences for DPO vs

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How Can Data Capture Rescue the Healthcare Ecosystem?

With data capture and document processing solutions, patient documents can be automatically converted into electronic formats and routed to an electronic health record system

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When someone asks how to do something you would simply say, follow the documented process. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have well documented processes if they are documented at all and this, can translate to risk

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SharePoint 2013 - Taking search based applications to the next level

They are: Use of a search engine to dynamically drive the users interaction with content Triggering of information retrieval through key term or phrase query that returns additional parameters used to pull information from other sources The use of connectors to bring data from its sources Processing of user search terms either before the query is sent to the engine (pre-processing) or after the results are returned (post processing) Enhancement of the index (by adding more metadata, changing that metadata or removing metadata) Combining, ranking and formatting result sets Integrating information from disparate or similar sources Performing document processing (previewing content, segmenting content, or recombining content) He goes on to talk about how SharePoint 2013 is poised to enable the development of search based applications at significantly reduced cost

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Many benefits to going global

At IPS, there are two keys to our global efforts: a scalable approach and a foreign language document processing system...Foreign language document processing: Global capture vendors do more than simple “translation

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Touch Points

Those seeking to streamline their document processes have every right to be frustrated...Similar technology, which offers the capabilities to both touch and point, is available for document processes

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