SharePoint 2013 - Taking search based applications to the next level

By Sharon Foley posted 01-16-2013 19:34


Are you seeing movement toward search based applications in your organizations?  How is SharePoint 2013 factoring in?  In his recent blog post, Seth Earley outlines eight qualities that identify a 'search based application'.  They are:

  1. Use of a search engine to dynamically drive the users interaction with content
  2. Triggering of information retrieval through key term or phrase query that returns additional parameters used to pull information from other sources
  3. The use of connectors to bring data from its sources
  4. Processing of user search terms either before the query is sent to the engine (pre-processing) or after the results are returned (post processing)
  5. Enhancement of the index (by adding more metadata, changing that metadata or removing metadata)
  6. Combining, ranking and formatting result sets
  7. Integrating information from disparate or similar sources
  8. Performing document processing (previewing content, segmenting content, or recombining content)

He goes on to talk about how SharePoint 2013 is poised to enable the development of search based applications at significantly reduced cost.  He's also going to be talking about these changes in an upcoming webinar.

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