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Sometimes Less Is More

? When creating business requirements or requirements. Consider how much time...application. Whether you’re capturing Business...Requirements or developing a Request for Proposal

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Avoiding the Inevitable Social Silo

In an article for earlier this year ( Avoiding the Silo Gap ), I wrote about the tendency organizations have to build out data silos around business units (sales, marketing, support, engineering) and, even within these business layers, around specific roles (project management...

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Be an Effective E2.0 Architect - Know your Inhabitants

A friend of mine is an architect who designs homes. His design process begins by gaining an understand of the daily activities of the inhabitants. From the characteristics and activities he is able to build a home custom tailored to address his clients needs. You can have the best building...

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Knowledge Kaizen with Yammer and SharePoint

business requirements and vision. This is requirements Changes to the Vision...Types to support business requirements...driven by: Governance boards Business

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