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Capture Enables Faster Business Processes

Plus, how the twin trends of cloud and mobile extend capture capabilities to the edge of the enterprise and what that means for improving and speeding up business processes

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Ultimate Context - Social Business Processes

Enterprise 2.0 is infinitely more effective when delivered in the context of business processes...Advanced Consensus Management - collaboration tied to a step in a business process is ideal for tracking consensus-based activities from corporate boards

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Business Process Improvement: 5 Ways to Leverage Collaboration

Here are examples of ways to capitalize on collaboration for business process improvement: #1...Successful collaboration across global silos applies to business process improvement as well

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Still Optimizing Business Processes After All These Years

The Topic : How Social, Local, and Mobile tools are Revolutionizing Business Processes The Skinny : A couple of decades ago, scanning and digital Content repositories initiated the revolution

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Apply Enterprise 2.0 to Business Processes to Reveal Its Value

One speaker after another pointed out that the most important thing to do is to apply SharePoint to existing business processes. Business process improvement: that is the promise of SharePoint specifically, but it is the promise of Enterprise 2.0 in general

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What’s Old Is New Again: IT Priorities, Business Processes and CPOs

According to new research from McKinsey , the highest current priorities for IT include improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and reducing IT costs. For IT executives, reducing costs ranked first, followed by improving the effectiveness of business processes

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Does India Really Know More About Business Process Outsourcing Than We Do?

Business process outsourcing in India is a $20 billion industry that is forecast to grow 12-15% over the next year...The truth is that it takes both to produce a high-quality vehicle at an affordable price, and the same applies to outsourcing a business process

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