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A New Business Model for SharePoint 2013

It’s true, we are a long way off from seeing serious uptake of SharePoint 2013. In fact, most organizations are still using SharePoint 2007 despite the advantages that 2010, and 2013, are offering. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to consider how this latest...

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Advertising for Intranets

In John Battelle's 2005 work "The Search" Battelle writes that Sergey bristled at an ad-based business model not because advertising was corrupting the vision, bias the search, or manipulating the search masses but because banner ads threatened the vaunted loading times of Google's results sets

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Enterprise Apps for Pad Platforms: Cool Technology, Hard Questions

A recent sit-down with a new eforms-on-a-pad application sparked a fascinating conversation that underscored just how important it is to look beyond the technical specs of a new technology and consider the business model behind it as well – especially when the platform is as captivating as the Apple iPad and its growing list of competitors are

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30 years ZyLAB!

Companies need to change and adapt new technology, new client needs and new business models if they wish to survive

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Social, it's in Microsoft's DNA

Anyone who's looked at Microsoft’s business model will begin to realize that Microsoft understands "social" better than anyone...In fact, social has been in Microsoft's business model and DNA for 3 decades

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Crossing the ECM/Capture Chasm – ‘This is the Renaissance’

Marc Benioff , CEO, has been famously quoted on his opinion of cloud computing in terms of saturation-point, as well as technology innovation, for a viable business model

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Interoperability standards in Enterprise 2.0

Grown out of Web 2.0 technologies a lot of these smaller players in the market build their own systems, build upon their own technologies and are using a SaaS or Cloud business model

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Imaging’s 2.0 Image Makeover

But even a small step back from the mechanics of backfile conversion or paper document capture reveals the existence of plenty of fertile opportunities for revamping key business processes and bettering the business model

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Social Business Virtual Event: Andy MacMillan, Today's Successful Businesses are Social Businesses

Some examples are internal changes, some are externalizing their social business model and creating communities with their customers and partners

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SharePoint Governance - Overhyped and Not Understood

Dysfunction in the business model or culture will surface as a technical problem when SharePoint is implemented

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