30 years ZyLAB!

By Johannes Scholtes posted 09-02-2013 05:27


Today, we celebrate our corporate 30thanniversary, another milestone in the rich history of our company. Incorporated on September 2nd, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois to develop the first full-text search program for the PC-platform: ZyINDEX.

In those days, ZyINDEX was a very popular software program among (corporate) lawyers, law enforcement, and government agencies, still the core of our clientele.

You can find more details of our rich history here:  http://www.zylab.com/company/history.aspx.

It was Bill Gates who once said that as a software company, you have to reinvent yourself every three years if you plan to stay competitive.  In these 30 years, ZyLAB reinvented itself several times, which is always a though process: let go of all certainties of the past in return for the uncertainties of the future. But there is not alternative: only innovation, change and developing new solutions and markets will guarantee success for the future. Companies need to change and adapt new technology, new client needs and new business models if they wish to survive.

From ZyINDEX to the ZyLAB eDiscovery and Information Risk Management platform.  From Wordstar to the Cloud, from 640 kB RAM to several Gb’s, from 10 Mb hard disks to servers holding hundreds of Tera Bytes of data. A 30 year journey that will continue to help our clients to address the inevitable consequences of Moore’s law, and manage the cost and risks of what is now called Big Data!

Congratulations to all ZyLAB employees of the presence and the past!

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