Interoperability standards in Enterprise 2.0

By Hanns Kohler-Kruner posted 06-25-2010 06:48


The other day I was reading up on CMIS. A year or 18 months ago, when speaking to one of the big vendors in our industry space, I was told quite clearly that CMIS compatible products were 3-5 years away. Now several vendors are offering CMIS products, and it is gathering pace quite nicely. After several attempts it looks like a standard for the exchange of information  and  interoperatibility between different systems has been found.

But what about Enterprise 2.0 tools? Grown out of Web 2.0 technologies a lot of these smaller players in the market build their own systems, build upon their own technologies and are using a SaaS or Cloud business model. Where are the standards, or can we assume that because they are often grown out of Open Source initiatives they are more conforming to standards?

I am not talking about the bigger and more established  players in the market or even ECM players who have rediscovered their collaboration or Social Media components or have bought smaller vendors to complete their offerings.

Are we running the risk of missing the boat on standards in Enterprise 2.0 or is everything going to be based on Google and Facebook APIs and they will become the standards that we use inside organizations as well?

I haven’t made up my own mind yet how best to approach this question, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Which are the most relevant standards in the Social Media / Enterprise 2.0 market when it comes to interoperability? Or should be just look for XML export and then import into another system?