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Activity Streams Are Not the Killer App

Expert blogger David Lavenda wrote an interesting piece for the Fast Company blog which essentially paints activity streams as the email-killer. While Twitter provides a sort if activity stream, better examples are Facebook, Yammer, and SharePoint My Sites, among others. Activity streams, or, as Lavenda describes them -- syndicated update -- do provide a much more effective method for the broadcasting of information than email

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Activity streams ARE the killer feature (but not app)

Things I love: Activity feeds Soccer Cat photos Things I hate: Being CCed on emails Getting emails Sending emails Clowns What is an activity feed ? It depends on the applications and tools...

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Activity Streams Have Great Potential for Collaboration in Manufacturing

These days, activity streams seem to be popping up everywhere in enterprise tech as vendors rush to add social features to their software

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Enterprise Social Graphs - Techniques to Avoid Disruption and Maximize Value

The value from the display of a social graph or "activity stream" resides in its level of affinity with the recipient. Furthering the seasonal analogy above, 75% of the information contained in an activity stream, even when dedicated only to a department (sales for instance) is generally noise

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Streams and Pages and Apps, Oh My!

Here, the emphasis is upon activity streams, with other forms of information (photos, documents, links) attachments to the stream. There are wildly varying perspectives on openness in this world view, ranging from very open (Twitter) to mostly closed (Facebook) in the public worlds to private activity streams particular a particular organization or network

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Records Management in the Age of Facebook

comments, or aggregations of photos based on tags, or the content of a user's Twitter stream or Facebook activity streams that aggregate a variety of content?

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How Facebook Messages Will Influence SharePoint

Ideally, all related project communications and activity streams might be captured inside a team site or perhaps in some organized fashion within my sites

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OpenSocial: "Social Content" Meets ECM?

New features planned for OpenSocial 2.0 include embedded user experiences (allowing user interaction with content from external services), better support for Activity Streams, support for mobile experiences, support for OAuth 2.0 (better unified identity authorization across applications), and more open search capabilities (designed to prevent social applications from becoming new corporate information silos)

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Content isn't Social, You Are

I can see terms like Activity Stream Content and Wiki Content as they may have some storage/versioning tricks to capturing, but it isn’t hard and it isn’t necessarily social

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