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SharePoint Conferences Q1 2011

SharePoint Conferences Q1 2011 There are a lot of options to learn some SharePoint at a conference this year

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Five Things I Hope to Learn at the 2011 SharePoint Conference

The 2011 Microsoft SharePoint conference is coming up next week and I'm excited to see what's new from the hype machine that is Microsoft

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See how we turn SharePoint into the company information hub @ European SharePoint Conference 4-7 Feb Copenhagen

We show how organizations completely automate the deployment of authored content to diverse platforms, technologies, applications and mobile devices in every required format, structure and language all optimized to ensure the most efficient end-user experience and the greatest organizational...

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Navigating the “World of SharePoint 2010” and All It Encompasses - Part 1

SharePoint Conferences Prior to reading this section you may want to have an Advil or Tylenol bottle close at hand. I have had the pleasure of speaking at most every type of SharePoint conference in the U.S. and a few in Canada and I can tell you that all of these conference have the very best intentions in mind; Sharing information to the attendees so they can take it back to their place of work and perform at a high level or provide this knowledge to co-workers, etc

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Governance, now so hip it hurts... two SharePoint experts and an innocent bystander

To re-iterate a bit from Nick and Christian’s posts, the whole reason for these commentaries was based on something Jeff Teper stated at the recent SharePoint Conference, which was as follows: Governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint | Past Adolescence and Into Its Prime

When reflecting upon the Microsoft SharePoint conferences of the past, a different fervor was present

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AiimEx.., er, I Mean Info360

I know there are SharePoint conferences that include those topics, but sometimes, it is nice to hear about these subjects without the SharePoint slant

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The Reports of SharePoint's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Maybe it is just nostalgia, but it felt like magic was in the air as we put the finishing touches on SharePoint 2010 and announced its release at SharePoint Conference 2009...Here are some statistics from the keynote at SharePoint Conference 2014 held in March 2014

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