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Nerd Alert: This Post is About Peter Jackson, Tolkien, and Project Management

Because… It’s in the extended editions that the rich context of the project management required to make the films comes alive

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5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Project Manager

Picking the right project management tool can be a long and painful process

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Project Information Management on SharePoint

Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) - more complex and broader reaching scope with executive level oversight You also need to think about the maturity level and culture of your organization. How formal is your project management process?

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Tasks and collaboration: let's get to the point

Key examples of this are Jive, which has added more task and project management support to its platform over recent releases, and VMware's Socialcast, which added a project management component earlier this year

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The Role of the Information Certification

Over the last few months I have had dozens of conversations about the Information Certification. The topic that seems to come up most frequently is whether it was designed to compete with the Certified Records Manager from the ICRM and ARMA, or the CompTIA CDIA+, or [insert specific...

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Increasing Retention Periods require Open Archiving Standards

Due to the constantly increasing legal retention periods for electronic data, more and more government organizations and enterprises have to deal with old electronic archives from which the original manufacturer can be anything from being acquired to the absence of technical support for an older...

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Sometimes Less Is More

It’s human nature to want more. We want new cars with all the options, home electronics with all the latest features, houses with more rooms and bigger kitchens. Let’s face it, we all want to show off every once and a while. After all, we’re human, right? But, how many of us use all the...

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Why Small Businesses Should (and will) Flock To Cloud

Most small business taps cloud computing for their business operations, particularly the Software as a Service (SaaS). They tend to send emails by using the Outlook platform , they manage customer concerns and relationships through Contractually or utilize Basecamp for keeping tabs on their...

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Too Much Nothing

It never fails; we finish working on an information management solution, we talk about it, we show it off to others and we are quickly made to realize how much work remains. That’s a good thing, it means that we are making progress on the adoption front, but it’s also a little...

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The Need for Change Management

While few companies have yet to embrace Project Server, many companies have built out their own project management utilities on the platform, and gravitated toward the out of the box templates in SharePoint 2010 (I expect to see big improvements here in the next version of SharePoint, if not through partner solutions)

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