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Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance

There has been a great deal of confusion around the term information governance (IG) and how it is often confused with other similar industry terms, such as information technology (IT) governance and data governance . The definitions put forth at times have compounded the confusion by offering a convoluted definition of IG, or sometimes offering a definition of IG that is just plain incorrect , often confusing it with simple data governance

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Data Governance in a World of Big Data and Analytics

However, there is a speed bump in the road preventing wider access of this data being accessed by all of the right people at the right time – this roadblock is called “Data Governance.” Data Governance is enforced in this new day and age mostly due to financial and legal policies, regulatory needs, confidentiality laws, and other forms of safety measures to protect businesses, employees, consumers and governments

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Data Governance is not about Data - critical for content too

We have imposed artificial risks and conflicts, by distinguishing between "sturctured" and "unstructured" governance. These are technology driven distinctions and should not be affecting business policy on information management. Read why here... #policy ...

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Content Obesity - Diagnosis & Treatment

Occasionally, one of my blogs appears to resonate much better than others... Content Obesity was one of these, so I thought it might be worth sharing with this community too. -- Obesity : a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have...

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I Don't Need Governance (Or lower ediscovery costs or access to my content or . . . )

Johnny Lee explains why you need information governance (and suggestions on how to achieve it) in his keynote session at AIIM 2014 on April 2 at 4:30: Ediscovery & Data Governance: Flip Sides of the Same Coin

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In SharePoint, Social Tools = Personal Productivity

I would venture that most administrators do not fully understand the underlying metadata, taxonomy, and data governance issues within SharePoint that are associated with social computing solutions

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