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AIIM Conference 2014 Trip Report

I went to the AIIM Conference last week in Orlando

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The AIIM Conference is a Hit

After a few years away under the guidance of another organization the AIIM Conference is back with a Vengeance...But this post is all about the great work the AIIM team did for Bringing Sexy Back to the AIIM Conference

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Will the AIIM Conference be Cloudy This Year?

Other ECM Vendors and The Cloud No doubt the other ECM vendors at the 2010 AIIM conference will be talking about their Cloud offerings

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A Few More Reasons To Attend AIIM Conference 2012 (#AIIM12)

(if it doesn't load: ) Register here (you know you want to): AIIM Conference 2012 #ElectronicRecordsManagement #what'snext #SharePoint #AIIMConference #aiimconference2012 #ScanningandCapture #Pogue #brilliance

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Come to the AIIM Reunion

Our AIIM family has a reunion each year with the AIIM Conference...I can remember my first AIIM Conference (with fond memories) in 1988

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Own Your ECM Career

At the AIIM conference in 2016, Eric Qualman ’s stated that everyone has a “Digital Stamp and Digital Legacy” which is a trail about them on the web based on what other and that they themselves have contributed

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Why The Story of The Great A&P Matters Today

At the AIIM Conference 2012, I'll be discussing the lessons we can learn from a company whose prime had passed about 75 years ago...I look forward to seeing you on Day Two of the AIIM Conference 2012 at 1:30 for this engaging (and participatory, no spoilers) session

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It's Almost Here !!!

Are you planning to go to the AIIM Conference?...I attend the AIIM Conference to learn...I have been attending the AIIM Conference, every year since 2000 in order to learn and I have never not learned something that has helped me do my job better

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Meet the AIIM Team - Georgina Clelland

I am AIIM's Events Director, responsible for the portfolio of in-person events, including the AIIM Conference, Service Provider Forum and our spring and fall seminar series in various cities

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