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KnowledgeLake provides content management solutions that help busy organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes. #Archiving #Collaboration #ContentServices #DocumentManagement #Capture #Scanning #Search #ECM #EnterpriseContentManagement ...


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About Parascript software, driven by data science and powered by machine learning, configures and optimizes itself to automate simple and complex document-oriented tasks such as document classification, document separation, and data entry for payments, lending and AP/AR processes. Every year,...


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About Our goal is to always provide the perfect balance between the ease of use that users expect with the compliance and governance that your organization needs. As a Microsoft Preferred Partner in Content Services, HELUX specializes in information architecture and design, regulatory...


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Defining Information ROT

A good acronym can help communicate an important concept in a memorable way. One of my favorite acronyms in Information Management is ROT. This term conjures up images of junk that needs to be cleared out of our information systems. However, I have seen this acronym defined in two similar but...

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Solution Success Means User Adoption

Of all the measures of success for information management solution implementations, there is one critical success factor that stands above the rest: user adoption. In other words, your solution is only successful if it is actually used by the people in your organization. User Adoption in...

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EID Works with Association to Solve PDF Search Issue

How often have you found yourself looking at the PDF on the screen and scratching your head wondering why a word or phrase you are looking at on the monitor or printout just can’t be found in the PDF. Well you are not alone, and in fact very recently EID, Inc. identified the issue during a...

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Should search vendors go back to the basics? Or is it too late?

By Carla Mulley. The very basics of search accommodate the different types of searches executed by business users. I think search vendors should go back to the basics. Although business users may be guru’s on using Facebook, Google search (doubt it), Pinterest, and the list goes on. They are...

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I Have Searched Everywhere

This is something I have heard all of my life. Something is not where it should be, and you begin searching for it. Family members would state, “I have searched high and low” or “I have searched everywhere and still can’t find it”. In business, this is also a common...

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