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Increase Productivity in the Workplace With These Great Apps

Today's advanced technology enables us to some amazing things, but it also serves to provide plenty of distractions. In the workplace, distraction leads to a decrease in productivity and possibly a lack in communication. This, subsequently, leads to mistakes, incomplete projects, missed...

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Is Social Enterprise Dead?

Social enterprise is dead. Long live the digital workplace! That may sound harsh, but it’s the attitude companies should have if they want to get the most out of collaboration platforms to improve productivity and innovation. Social tools can, of course, be valuable, if put in the...

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Creativity: Better in Idea Form than in Practice?

Last week the online business Journal Knowledge at Wharton alerted its readers to a fascinating new management study that creativity is delivered better as a lip service than on listening mode. Actually, that's my own leap. The piece says that corporate America is much better at promoting...

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Earth: Such a Tiny Planet

Here I sit at the Doha Marriott, enjoying the view, reflecting on the past week and looking to the week ahead. Fully connected and executing those activities I need to carry out in relation to my job, all the while, thousands of miles away from home and the corporate offices. This is the land of...

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