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Technology Configuration Trap

So what can we do to bring the use cases back into focus? First know what a use case is...Use cases are activities, not features. Part of what I try to get companies to do is to focus on the use cases

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EIM, ECM, ERM, KM, Collaboration = Confusion

Case in point: As I was responding to a post by Dave Martin, who was responding to a post I had done, which was a follow on to an even earlier post I did based on a conversation with fellow blogger Chris Riley m, I realized that I was furthering the academia model

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Putting a Claim on OCR in the Insurance Industry

I’d like to invite my colleague, Scott Thompson, senior product marketing manager, to the AIIM Community Blog to discuss OCR and capture use in the insurance industry. When one thinks about insurance, efficiency is probably not the first word that comes to mind. The word that comes...

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Maximise SharePoint Value using the “Start Your Day” Game

When it came to planning and prepping the resources for the session earlier that day, I found I didn’t have one of the right graphical templates for “Start Your Day”, so I made my own: Start Your SharePoint Day (Days of the week) - Graphical Template Start Your Day The purpose of the template is to enable me to facilitate a group of ‘stakeholders’ or users (in this case User Group attendees) to plot with post-it’s, drawings etc when they use a product (in this case SharePoint) and for what Purpose . During facilitation of the session and afterwards collating the information, you get an awesome insight into why (VERY important), how and when people use SharePoint (in this case); you gain insights into the highs and lows of usage and learn about peoples dependency on the subject matter

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Let employee collaboration lead the way

I'm all for the idea that a great way to get senior-level buy-in for (and drive momentum with) a social collaboration initiative is to find a handful of really good use cases which clearly demonstrate the value of a more open, networked approach to working