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Structured vs Unstructured Records– Really?

Why are we using the terms “structured data” and “unstructured data&rdquo...Is structured data structured?...But, what exactly is unstructured about unstructured data?

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Auto-classification and metadata –the missing link

Here are some reasons: The Challenges of Content Overload 80% of enterprise data is unstructured 60% of documents are obsolete 50% of documents are duplicates The benefits of automatic semantic metadata generation Elimination of costs and errors associated with end user tagging Identification and protection of secure content assets from unauthorized access and portability in accordance with compliance procedures Automatic identification and tagging of documents of record Normalization of content across functional and geographic boundaries Integration with search Ability to apply policy consistently across diverse repositories and environments Given the fact that metadata is the missing link in auto-classification, my question is why more organizations aren’t jumping on the bandwagon?

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