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Designing Control

Yesterday, we began laying out the design of a simple but important SharePoint system. SharePoint system? Well, I haven’t yet figured out a better phrase for application systems that get removed from their comfortable fat-client world, only to be replaced with a collection of SharePoint...

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Communication, Process and Current Practises

During a recent project we did a spider web chart with a mixed group of IT and non-IT people. We did the exercise to try and find out what were the most important inhibitors to moving forwards. It is really quite simple as an exercise, but it needs some explanation. We try to figure out...

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Digital Nation- Implications for ECM and E2.0

I was watching the recent episode of FRONTLINE on the topic of our digital nation, and had some important observations as they affect ECM in particular. If you haven't seen the episode yet, it's available on Netflix, or streaming over at PBS . Digital...

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