Digital Nation- Implications for ECM and E2.0

By Daniel O'Leary posted 04-19-2010 10:49


I was watching the recent episode of FRONTLINE on the topic of our digital nation, and had some important observations as they affect ECM in particular. If you haven't seen the episode yet, it's available on Netflix, or streaming over at PBS.


  1. Digital Natives - the "millennials" are the most wired group of people in history, and this will have a profound impact on information management. How do you cater systems to a group of people that has never lived a day without access to the computer? Systems will need to improve, and old, industrial age processes will be totally destroyed once more digital natives enter the workforce. Organizations that get it right will enjoy a huge benefit to those dragged into it kicking and screaming
  2. Technology everywhere - between your ipad, iphone, laptop, wifi, and 3g, ECM will mean always on, always accessible systems. Vendors need to plan for access via mobile devices, and strategize around making the mobile user experience as solid as say, the Google app on the iphone. When you have Google in the palm of your hand, the expectation is that searching an internal system should be just as easy.
  3. Disparity- consumer versus organization- I'm planning on addressing this topic in detail, I'll leave you with this thought. Think about the ease of which you can buy products online, Skype with friends around the world, and play games on your mobile devices. Now, compare that to your own organization, where paper, broken processes, and a void of productivity live. As consumer, we would never tolerate things that we routinely participate in at work.

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