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Seen but not Heard

This means that the user is an essential part of the any ECM project and should be heard. In my view, the end user is one of the most essential members of an ECM project team for it is from the end user we will learn how things really get done and how it could be made better. All too often they are overlooked when assessing the needs of an organization and all too often the resistance to accept the new ways of working create unrest in the workplace. One unhappy user could in fact derail an entire project, if this person has the attention and respect of the rest of his/her peers. To be successful, include the end user as a member of the project team and take time to listen to the needs requests

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SharePoint Governance - Overhyped and Not Understood

Over the last six months or so, I have taken the time to learn about corporate governance through the reading of books, industry association articles and talking with others in public corporate ledership

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