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The Goal's the Thing: Technology Is a Means Not an End

What is the intersection between new, social technologies and the established practice of internal communications? Why discuss technology with internal communications people? I will be speaking to a group of internal communications practitioners here in Seattle next week, so these questions...

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The Secret Life of Documents

I was listening recently to a podcast of On Point my favorite NPR talk radio and the episode was about how talk was losing out to texting for supremacy of message control, if not as the de facto communications channel. One unexpected turn was reframing the familiar forty-something litany...

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Blog Entry it just me?

What is proper texting etiquette? Admittedly I am not a big text'er (is that even a word?), but occasionally I accommodate my texting colleagues and friends by texting with them. I do think there are times when texting makes more sense than other forms of communications. The issue I...

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