Blogs it just me?

By Art Schlussel posted 08-26-2010 17:19


What is proper texting etiquette?

Admittedly I am not a big text'er (is that even a word?), but occasionally I accommodate my texting colleagues and friends by texting with them. I do think there are times when texting makes more sense than other forms of communications. The issue I have is when it is used in lieu of a phone call when I think a call is more appropriate.

Example: Friday evening at 8:00pm I spoke to friends and we finalized plans for them to visit the next day and spend the evening. The next day my wife and I woke up and began cleaning the house and cooking for the day. We made poached salmon, a great tuna steak dish, pasta salad, and some appetizers. It was going to be a great visit. At around 10:30 I was in my office and I grabbed my phone so I can see what time it was. What I saw was a text message from 9:58 the night before from our friends saying “Sorry, we can’t make it. See you soon.” To say that I was upset is an understatement. True, these friends text all the time, but in my opinion this was something that had to be said not read. Besides, these friends know us well enough to know I’m not attached to the phone. I just think it is the chicken’s way out of having an uncomfortable conversation. I’ve seen this behavior in a work setting as well. Some folks just rather text or email than to have a “confrontation.”  As for our friends, we’ve been friends for over 25 years and this isn’t going to impact our friendship, but it is still irritating me. On the upside, we had a nice clean house and great food to eat all weekend.

What say you? Am I over reacting? Should I be checking my texts before I go to bed? I’m I a digital dinosaur for even complaining about this? I’m interested in your opinion.

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