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Staying Ahead of the Content Fragmentation

I just returned from the #e2conf ( ) event in Boston, which focused on the rapid expansion of social collaboration platforms, and was not surprised by many of the concerns among the participants about impacts to existing platforms and architectures -- and what to do with the...

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The sad state of modern word processors

Anyone working with medium to long documents will probably agree with me on this: the currently available word processors are a long cry from being usable. If, like me, you need to write technical documentation, you’ve probably tried a few different options and none really fit your needs....

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Economies of scale: Cloud processing

Economies of scale: Cloud processing Document Capture technology has been available for many years and is a proven method to decrease operational costs and improve business efficiency. However, this technology has traditionally been expensive to purchase, implement and deploy. In...

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Mythical Beasties – Yes, I Do Requests

It seems I’m not the only one that doesn’t believe in the myth of unstructured content. Like Sasquatch, Santa Claus, and Ogopogo (CRTC mandated Canadian content), we’ve all heard about it, but have we really seen it? I mean really seen it? Not like some mirage or something. ...

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ECM for Unstructured Content Only? No Way

Someone, somewhere once said that ECM is about managing unstructured content. That may have been true once upon a long time ago; not anymore. I’m also not even sure that ECM really exists other than as some ephemeral (in the grand scheme of things) concept and marketing bumpf. What...

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Structured vs Unstructured Records– Really?

One of the things that always amazes me is how the proverb “the more things change, the more they stay the same” still applies today in the world where technology and recordkeeping concepts merge. Why are we using the terms “structured data” and “unstructured data...

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