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Why small businesses are investing in social collaboration

The "Enterprise Social Network". It sounds like a big company solution, doesn't it? A way to connect your many thousands of employees spread across the globe, a way to highlight duplication of effort, and enable more streamlined communications, particularly closing the gap between leaders...

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Biz Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Small Business Success

By now it’s common knowledge that small businesses can benefit from cloud technology. The value of never needing an in-house IT bank to do anything is inestimable. With the cloud industry growing to over $45 billion globally in 2013 and higher to come, there’s never been a...

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Small and Medium Business - Going Paperless?

What do a Moving company, a Veterinary clinic and a Naturopathic healthcare provider all have in common? They are all very different professions. Relocating a military family has little do with getting your dog spike neutered or having a far east medical treatment like acupuncture...

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Dancing in the Land of ERM

My first post on this forum is to provide an introduction to Priscilla Emery and why I Dance in the Land of ERM. I say dance because dancing has both discipline (ala ballroom, ballet, etc.) and artistry and I believe this industry needs both. Creativity is an essential skill to successfully...

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