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The dawn of service economy

In such an organization, anyone is a service provider towards anyone...We have to admit that most people and organizations have been failing at collaborating for ages and still do despite of the powerful tools they're provided with

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The Utopian Hysteria of the IT Chargeback Model

Many IT organizations want to find a way to show a return on investment (ROI) for their IT and project management activities, often foraging into some version of a chargeback model without understanding the fieldwork done by other organizations

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SharePoint as a Service and a Solution (SPaaS)

SharePoint as a Service and a Solution (SPaaS) As the Information Age reaches a new level of maturity, many organization are finding that the data and content they have been storing, both physically and electronically, have become both an immense administrative burden as well as a security risk and a key to unlocking potential for the organization. With consumer electronics and network bandwidth, storage, and accessibility becoming tantamount to an organization's well- being, it also becomes increasing important for every organization to not only manage their information stores appropriately, but to also provide the foundation and tools necessary for their information workers to both perform their duties and to do them well

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How Does Enterprise Content Management Work as a Shared Service?

A shared service is one that is used by multiple parts of an organization but purchased and supported by one area of the organization...Share skillsets between organizations

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Your killer SaaS app

Imagine you’ve just created the next ‘killer’ Software as a Service (SaaS) app and you are absolutely convinced your new software service is going to revolutionize a particular industry or solve a significant pain point for organizations all over the world

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Self-Service BI Hits Primetime with SharePoint & PowerPivot

Report complexity Availability of IT resources required to do the implementation Budget approval and prioritization The problems with the process are that: The BI Consumer has to know precisely what he wants before he can order it and get the initiative approved, oftentimes before he has access to the actual data The initial buy-in is too high; BI data and reports that would be invaluable to an organization aren’t even pursued due to the cost, time and sometimes risk associated with the cycle above The “raw data” is too far removed from the business people who understand it’s meaning Initiatives are limited by the vision of the people who order the reports as opposed to being driven by the patterns and insights that emerge from the data itself - This one’s key!!!

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The Self-Service Approach to Collaboration

It can also reduce organizational costs such as mailing...This will, in the end, create a smoother transition to a self-service approach in the organization

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