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The Digital Company – How to move from analog to digital processes?

The Digital Company – How to move from analog to digital processes with UDOCX? If you “google” for the digital company you will come across different articles and definitions. “Going digital” can be understood as communicating digitally i.e. by using social...

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…and If Elected

Now that, according to most news sources, the presidential election has begun, I think it’s appropriate for me to treat a recent news story in a special way. By that I mean that I feel comfortable stringing together what may be unrelated facts in a way that supports my position. The story...

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SharePoint and Paper Belong Together

In case you haven't heard ... SharePoint is a platform to manage information. SharePoint doesn't care if this information was " born digital " or created in the traditional paper based world. When that information is “born” in a paper based format SharePoint needs a...

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Behind every successful Process lies a prudent Capture

Although, ideally, a process starts from the intent to do a particular task to achieve a specific objective or deliver a service, most of your processes would find itself literally commencing with the entry of data like filling an application. In short, it commences with the capture of...

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