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Going Mobile….With My Laptop?

I remember it quite clearly -- it was early 1996, and a new role with an IT shared services team that would have me moving between customer teams and also between floors of the massive Pacific Bell building located in San Ramon, California. Having a desk was largely irrelevant to the role, and...

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What people are looking for in a CMS/WCM solution today - Changing world of WCM/ CMS solutions!

I am seeing a change in the way CMS solutions are being conceptualized and are being implemented. Some of the key observations from my experiences with customers, partners and consumers: CIO (IT) and CMO (Marketing) organizations are conceptualizing the needs (not necessarily the...

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Have We Hit the Era of Peak Apps? Rethinking the Mobile First Imperative with HTML5 and Responsive Design

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in CMSExpo – a conference that brings together web developers, designers, content strategists and project managers. These information professionals represented organizations ranging from huge US Federal agencies to small boutique consulting...

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