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How to measure the success of records management software

In a three-part post we are looking at the role of metrics in demonstrating the value of RM, specifically in organizations that have implemented an electronic records management system. In our final post today we focus on important EDRMS metrics that every organization should monitor. In our last post we outlined a process to help you arrive at the best metrics to track the success of your records management program

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Increase Your Organization’s Productivity through Customer Relationship Management

Previous posts: SharePoint Productivity: Apps Aren’t Just for Smart Phones ) Many businesses today are implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms worldwide to help standardize and track sales progress and productivity

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Records Management and the One Measurement That Really Matters

I do what Records Managers have done for hundreds of years: I support the management of information throughout its lifecycle...That’s records management

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Change Hurts! But You Can Prepare

Records and information change management. It hurts. Records projects are a tough sell when senior management doesn’t care

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The Challenge - Should Records Management Be Centralized or De-centralized?

Complete management buy in, budgeting and planning with facility to monitor metrics and ROI and update strategy on a long term basis Investment in information infrastructure, either in-house or outsourced, to accommodate the information, processes, retention, archival and disaster recovery

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Document Management and Records Management. . .What’s The Difference?

Document management and records management sound very much alike, don’t you think?

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