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Business Process Improvement: 5 Ways to Leverage Collaboration

business process improvement: #1. Creating...improvement as well. When globally dispersed...process improvement measures are rolled out business process improvement can be

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Reimagining the Reengineering Dilemma

"Companies in all industries are building online businesses, enabling new customer experiences, experimenting with "big data," and seeking advantage in a digitally enabled business environment. They have tried reengineering their practices; they have set up new technological...

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Process Automation = Paranoia

improvement would follow, making changes where...#automation #Improvement #SharePoint #ECM

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Your Most Familiar Processes - Rethink before using E2.0

There are a mountain of applications that can automate, store and catalog almost anything that are available over the web with a simple signup. As technologists we are hard pressed not to use them, as they provide immediate value and give us the ability to quickly work with our information from...

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Email's Role in an Enterprise 2.0 Environment: Signal Not Source

Is Enterprise 2.0 an evolution of business or a revolution? If I had to be pinned down to an answer, I’d say “evolution”. Or to be more accurate: it's a revolutionary idea that I think will emerge gradually, in an incremental, evolutionary fashion. Take the replacement of...

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