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Skip the coffee! Go directly to Orlando!

There is a lot of buzz around this year’s Service Provider Executive Forum . Most of it is very positive but there are a few members of our community who have reached out to me to ask what is different this year and why the price increase from what they had paid a few years ago. ...

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Training is an Ongoing Process

I was reminded last week while presenting several sessions at SPTechCon Boston how easy it is for those of us "experts" who work with SharePoint and similar platforms day after day that not everyone moves at our same pace. There are always one or two people who approach me after a...

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Target Practice

Last week I posted an *early, unused draft* visualizing an approach to the difference between legal citations and best practices. Hi, my name is Mimi, and I am obsessed with improving retention schedule design. But the objective of posting the graphic was not to confuse you—no...

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