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Not Your Fault? Still Your Problem

If you have any doubt that having and enforcing document policies is important, then spend a little time on the political pages of your local newspaper or on the Web. Story after story depicts folly after folly, and a lot of the time, the issues underneath are just like yours: Poor email management Failure to enforce policy Getting lost in the detail and forgetting the bigger picture Today's post (and others to come) draws on recent political silliness to make a key point: namely that it is critical to extend your policies to the people and parties you work with on the outside, and to figure out how to get them to follow your lead so their actions don't get you in trouble

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Defining Compliance for Your Organization

It is important to understand that regardless of the source of the mandate, one challenge faces all of these organizations - once they have created their policies they must decide how to enforce those policies and measure their effectiveness

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 2 of 3

Government provides the laws, and the regulators and enforcers, to impose and enforce those laws

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 1 of 3

Some states were more diligent than others in enforcing this 55 mph speed limit...The state police chose to enforce this requirement strictly

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You Can See the Forest through the Trees

The lack of maintenance and enforcement of a policy (if there was one) allowed the data to become fragmented or unavailable

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It’s not Easy Being Simple

How do you write a policy statement so that it is all-encompassing, yet enforceable AND easy for even the most casual reader to understand?

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