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Personalization the Key to Collaboration

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn't it? To improve collaboration within your team or company, you need to improve end user abilities to personalize their experience. [At this point, all the UX people in the room collectively yawn] People don't like working in a mess, neither do they...

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The Road Ahead is Personal

Recently, a very simple decision saved us a lot of development work, in a way that was good for my project list but bad for my blog. We had just wired up a pretty useful management dashboard, and up until the day we demonstrated it, we were under the impression that the “management”...

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Mobile Opportunities and the Biggest Social Bang for Your Buck

The new wave of smart mobile devices that's taking the industry by storm is doing far more than just making data and applications available anywhere. As new mobile platforms such as iOS and Android mature into enterprise-class offerings, they are introducing fundamentally new paradigms for...

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Many Happy Returns on 2011 SharePoint Investments

The lame duck Congress had just tackled an entire term's worth of legislation and I heard one pundit say "it's time to get out of the prediction business." It is amazing what a public shaming and self-preservation can accomplish together in such a short time. However, nothing...

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How Personalization Created Twelve Seasons and What that means to E2.0

"There are twelve seasons," exclaimed my colleague during a chat about personalization experiences in retail. "What?" I replied, to which he responded, "with companies leveraging powerful logistics and business intelligence systems, supplying just-in-time information it...

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Conquering Enterprise Information Overload with E2.0

We generate massive amounts of content within our organizations. The pace of this production will only continue to increase - forcing us to devote huge amounts of time searching, cataloging and saving links to critical information for our job roles. Now multiply this effort by the number of...

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