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Partners ARE your Scaling Factor

If you are in business you have to make a decision. To Partner or Not to Partner? There is No Wrong Answer Not every business is designed to be partner oriented or partner friendly. However, if you do decide to go The Partner Route you need to make sure you treat...

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Don’t break my customization! (My pre-WPC homage to the SharePoint Partner)

I think people are getting tired; tired of seeing all of their hard work go up in a digital plume when it is time to move along to the latest and greatest. And to this end I am of course referring to SharePoint 2013. [Cue the backlash of scathing opinion] Since the release of SharePoint...

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How to Select an ECM Vendor in 9 Steps

This post provides a proven 9-step process for selecting ECM software and implementers . Once you’ve clarified your Current State, defined your Future State, and planned your Roadmap, it’s time to select a solution and vendor. It seems like I’ve done this several hundred times...

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Are you ready for the CIP?

One of the challenges associated with introducing a new certification is helping people to prepare for the exam. This is especially true with the Certified Information Professional exam because of the breadth of its coverage. There is also a bit of "chicken and egg" in the sense that...

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