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The Golden Age of Cloud Services

We are in the midst of a transition within the content management and collaboration space, and the rate of change is only accelerating. There are so many moving parts, so many big bets being made -- from cloud-based software distribution, identity management and storage, to the federation and...

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Why All RIM Professionals Should Obtain The CIP

I am big advocate of the Information Governance Reference Model . In the IGRM it outlines four key players and they are RIM, legal, IT and business. As I have been studying the IGRM it has recently dawned on me that a Certified Information Professional is crucial for implementation. One of...

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An ECM-ERP Reference Model (Which Explains Why Hyland Bought AnyDoc)

Here’s the reference model we use to explain how ECM works with ERP systems to improve Accounts Payable (AP) and other processes. The reference model here is specifically for AP but it can apply to many similar processes. It breaks the process down into 9 different activities, requiring...

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The Utopian Hysteria of the IT Chargeback Model

It has been tried over and over again, and in most cases it has failed. Many IT organizations want to find a way to show a return on investment (ROI) for their IT and project management activities, often foraging into some version of a chargeback model without understanding the fieldwork done by...

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Stop Talking About SharePoint Governance

... and start ACHIEVING it. A lot of people have noticed been asking why I’ve been noticeably absent from discussion for the past few months. I can now unveil why I have been so crazy busy... I am honored to introduce you to the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit. I have had...

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Advertising for Intranets

"We felt like, well, the ad had nothing to do with the search. Why would we show it? It's distracting." - Sergey Brin I've been reading an outdated retro book about Google's early rise from an OEM tool for web portals to the appropriation of term currency fluctuations...

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