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Repurposing Content

I give credit to Bob Larrivee (our instructor) and my ECM classmates for helping me to understand the concept of getting more out of your content than its single intended purpose

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Cloud Content Management

Cloud Content Management (CCM) is such a new subject that at the time I wrote this post there is not a Wikipedia entry for CCM...Box was championing the term in order to differentiate traditional ECM from Content Management, File Sharing and Collaboration in the cloud

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Difficulties of content re-purposing

As a technical person, I have to spend quite some time reading about new technologies, either by accessing content posted on the internet or by purchasing books

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#ECMjam: Mobile Content and ECM

Join us on September 1 from 11-Noon EST for a tweet jam focused on how ECM enables mobile content...What is the key difference between Mobile Content Mgmt & “normal” Content Mgmt?

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

Increasingly, users are asking for access to content repositories from mobile devices, such as phones and iPads...Enabling content for mobile access is critical

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Content: It’s All About (Safe) Access

He is currently responsible for all marketing aspects of Accellion’s enterprise content integration solutions...Duhon: How do you combine BYOD and secure access to content?...Duhon: Define mobile content management

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Contributing content via mobile – Ubiquitous Information Capture

Accessing content from mobile is certainly an undeniable trend as the proliferation of these devices continues within business organizations, as well as for personal use...Frankly, contributing content from mobile has been challenging, if not impossible

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