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The 2015 Enterprise Flight Path – Will Microsoft Ignite or Combust in the Cloud?

Hey You ... With the Cloud in Your Eyes A little over a month from now the partisan faithful will gather under a sprawling Microsoft tent in Chicago and high-five to the pulsing thump of post enterprise Microsoft -- a mighty convergence of comforting office apps served over slick interfaces...

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Selling SharePoint

For example, I have probably sent my boss five or six articles about “Successful Strategies Using SharePoint” where I have simply pointed out that “ we do this &rdquo

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Bob Larrivee, Director and Industry Advisor – AIIM You can meet me September 13 at the Document Strategy Forum in Chicago Email me: Follow me on Twitter – BobLarrivee #culture #worm #sales #sharepoint #SharePoint #ECM #stylesheets #changemanagementSharePointrecordsmanagement #templates #change #Marketing #Repurpose

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