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Big Data Meets the Search Media

Big data is one of those instantly graspable buzz terms. The only new ground it breaks is putting a faceless name to purposeful data capture. After all, it's not smog if the data engineers are donning masks. It's not overload when formerly unstructured text becomes normalized and...

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Thoughts from the Home of Country Music

What started with a round of golf ended with a fare adieu. No, I’m not talking about my in-laws’ trip into town this past holiday weekend. I am actually referring to the AIIM Document Management Service Provider Executive Forum that took place a few weeks ago in USA’s very...

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Organizing Enterprise 2.0

With john writing that we no longer need to worry about an ROI on Enterprise 2.0 because it has reached the ubiquity of Email or telephone, it is maybe time to spend some thoughts about the market itself. We talk about the people, change management and culture change, but somewhere at the end...

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The Fundamentals of a Successful Records and Information Management Strategy (Part 1)

My two part series on the impact Microsoft SharePoint may have on the information managment marketplace was well recieved so I thought I might try another two-part article. I've been thinking a lot lately about the characteristics of successful records management and Enterprise Content...

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Enterprise Content Management at a Crossroads - The Case for Microsoft SharePoint (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second of a two-part series that summarizes the main points in the ongoing debate about the impact of Microsoft SharePoint on the ECM community. Last week I reviewed several reasons why traditional Enterprise Content Management vendors will continue to thrive despite Microsoft&...

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Productivity As A Driver For Enterprise 2.0

There are many business benefits for Enterprise 2.0 adoption, the primary among these (at least in the current economic environment) seems to me to be productivity. Alright, productivity may not be on the E2.0 radar in terms of Critical Success Factors but it may be the strongest driver for...

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