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SharePoint Infrastructure Management: The Cost of Doing Business

But in doing so, we’re cheating ourselves out of cost optimization...The Answer You want to provide all global users with fast access times to SharePoint content, but still maximize cost of your infrastructure

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An ECM Perspective on ERM: Your Penchant for Over-Retaining is Costing You

” Chadha, Director of Strategic Solutions at HP, talked about the skyrocketing cost of practicing “infinite retention” of data. Before we talk about the cost of being so retentive though, let’s understand why we are driven to over-retain

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Is there an ROI in Your Cloud Strategy?

In this case, the CIM system is an additional cost to the company as an operating expense...However, there is what is called “cost avoidance,” which is a cost that is avoided by purchasing the new system

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Why do we collaborate?

Because every now and then I have to defend the "cost of collaboration." That includes the cost of collaboration tools, the cost of administration and maintenance, the cost of the time people spend collaborating when they should be working, etc

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Are SMBs Getting Forgotten?

Although we advanced professionals focus on cutting edge technologies, advanced hardware/software solutions, and sophisticated applications that work well in a corporate or large institution environment, the SMB companies rarely have needs for this level of system complexity and cost

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

In all my time in records and governance I have learned one immutable law: records (and governance) is a cost center [in the eyes of IT]. With that said, the concept of records has to be pitched with a cost savings value. Simply, the new HR solution will drive improved efficiencies and productivity (cost savings) and the records element has to do the same

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More Companies are Taking the Paperless Route. Why?

Factors such as cost, convenience, and security may be considered when a company is deciding whether they will convert to paperless or stick with their original form of document management. 3 reasons companies are choosing digital over paper: Cost Effectiveness On average, a cartridge of printer ink costs between $20 to $35 each

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