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What Defines "Office 365 Hybrid" - A Deep-dive from EPC Group

Office 365 Hybrid - A Deep-dive from EPC Group The project stakeholders within IT may have a total understanding of the Office 365 offering but the organization’s legal and compliance stakeholders may still be unclear or hesitant because of the similar naming of products...

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All Aboard

I am sure Bryant would let me off the hook for skipping this blog entry, since I’ll be at the AIIM Conference the day my post is due, but something just happened that I want to share Last week, I talked about how we were planning to demonstrate some of SharePoint’s...

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How Facebook Messages Will Influence SharePoint

Earlier this week Facebook announced a new capability called Facebook Messages -- their new email/SMS/chat functionality that doesn't care what technology you use to reach your friends. Mark Zuckerberg called it "next generation messaging" and described it as seamless, informal,...

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