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Is There Really A Social Business Imperative?

As far as I know, the phrase “Social Business Imperative” comes from the CEO of Jive Software, Tony Zingale (you can see a great slide deck of his on this topic here ). But the idea certainly seems to also underpin any number of Jive competitor products – Moxie Spaces, SocialText, Cisco, Leverage Software, etc., etc. The idea of the social business is gaining attention and software makers are fighting to corner the market on the idea for their own product

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Are we finally seeing the death of "social"?

There's no doubting the impact that "social" technologies and (perhaps more importantly) concepts have had/are having on our approach to business and IT, but we are perhaps now finally starting to see the gloss coming off the term, with software vendors starting to shy away from defining themselves as enabling "social" business