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Keeping Information Governance Simple (ASSESSMENT) - Part 1

There’s even an entire day (third Thursday in February) dedicated to information governance. Yes, information governance has gotten so popular that it has its own holiday

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Data Governance is not about Data - critical for content too

We have imposed artificial risks and conflicts, by distinguishing between "sturctured" and "unstructured" governance. These are technology driven distinctions and should not be affecting business policy on information management

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7 Even Deadlier Sins of Information Governance

Information governance touches the whole of the organisation...You cannot solve the Information Governance problem by throwing technology at it...Information Governance should be unified and consistent

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Principles of Holistic Information Governance

This previous post was about the need for holism in information governance. This post brings up topics that you’ll have to deal with in defining holistic information governance. (I think I’ll refer to these as PHIG s - Principles of Holistic Information Governance)

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The Double-Edged Sword Of ROI In Information Governance

I was recently discussing with a friend the steps to implement an information governance program. Unfortunately creating an information governance program is not a cut and dry formulaic process. Information governance is not just about records, but it is about information and the relationship between information and ROI

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Wikileaks, Information technology 2.0, social media and the weakest link!

Boosted by information technology We already wrote in a note published recently: The information is born of contextualization and interpretation of data

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